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TravelCare Mexico was founded in response to the need for quality access to first responder help services for those travelling to Mexico. TravelCare Mexico is not trip travel insurance.  TravelCare Mexico provides immediate care in case of emergency situations that can happen when traveling in a foreign country. Our bi-lingual doctors and operators are available by phone 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Whether you are in Mexico on business or just enjoying the beauty of all that Mexico has to offer, TravelCare Mexico will be there for you. 

Our services include real time help for medical, legal and roadside assistance. In addition we offer discount coupons for restaurants, attractions, beauty salons and pharmacies.  We have no pre-existing exclusions, no age limit, and no claim forms. 

Because insurance doesn’t cover everything, TravelCare Mexico is your first responder.  Our services in Mexico are provided by Telemedic.  Telemedic has been servicing over seven million residence of Mexico for over 15 years.  Real Time Assistance.

Medical assistance in Mexico

Safety while in Mexico is a priority for any traveler. TravelCare Mexico helps make sure your trip is secure in terms of Medical problems through our first responder services. With a team of bilingual trained medical doctors on call 24/7 to help deal with your problems, our services provide the peace of mind for you to focus on making the most of your Mexican vacation or business trip. The average time to reach our doctors is 20 seconds. We have no answering machines, and our doctors are on premises and available to take your phone calls in real time.  Call as many times as you need. We offer unlimited calls to doctors any time day or night.  Included is a free ambulance in case of emergencies and a free doctor visit if needed.  Subsequent doctor visits are provide at discount rates.


Legal assistance in Mexico


When enjoying one of the many fantastic travel destinations in Mexico, the last thing people tend to think about is the possibility of running into legal problems. When on vacation or business in Mexico unexpected events can take place, which may require the need of an attorney.  The vagaries of the law in Mexico are somewhat different than the laws in the U.S. or Canada.  These differences can cause big problems, including detainment or even possible jail time.  TravelCare Mexico will provide a free consultation with an attorney while in Mexico.  If more than one meeting is necessary our attorney’s rates will be discounted by up to 30%.


Roadside assistance in Mexico


Car insurance for travel to Mexico often does not cover the full extent of assistance that may be required in the event of a breakdown or car malfunction. Our first responder services will put you in a position to resolve the situation in the fastest way possible no matter how serious. Having a bilingual team to assist you means that immediate roadside assistance is available anywhere in Mexico.  TravelCare Mexico provides for a free tow, free battery charge, free tire change and a couple of free gallons of gas.

Coupons and Special Discounts in Mexico

Whether you are enjoying Mexico tourism or attending a conference at one of the many world-class hotels in Mexico, we offer a huge range of discounts as standard with your travel care package. No matter where the location, you will have access to discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on everything from restaurants to attractions to wellness services, all in your immediate vicinity.

TravelCare Mexico is your personal travel companion; helping you deal with whatever situations may arise. As part of our travel care services, we are always on call to provide information on local events, weather, travel advice and much more. TravelCare Mexico acts as your personal assistant 24/7 while in Mexico. 

Peace of mind for $1 a day per person.

Created by the DAE Group, LLC, dba TelSalud, a California Company with offices in Woodland Hills, California.

TelSalud's team is dedicated to providing essential and necessary services for vacationing and business travelers from the United States and Canada.

Our associate in Mexico is Telemedic. Telemedic has been providing services and assistance to millions of people in Mexico for over 15 years. These services include Medical, Legal and Roadside Assistance.

Telemedic's CareCenter is open 24/7.