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Cozumel, Mexico Travel Tips

World travelers from every country on the plant are attracted to the turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches of Cozumel, Mexico. This action-packed island is only 250 square miles, but it is overflowing with all types of adventure and excitement, making it the perfect vacation destination for people of all ages. From deep sea diving excursions to fine dining, wonderful nightlife, and charter cruises around the island, Cozumel has something for everyone.

Making the most of your money.

Of all the Cozumel travel tips, many first-time visitors to Cozumel are always looking for travel discounts which can make their trip that much more affordable. Instead of discounts, let’s give you some secret, inside information that most tourists don’t already know. First, keep away from the Cozumel piers. This is a huge tourist trap because many of the world’s cruise lines often stop in Cozumel for a quick day-trip for their passengers. The souvenirs and mementos purchased on the pier are going to be very, very pricey compared to the other areas of Cozumel.

American currency is acceptable.

Cozumel hosts visitors from all over the world every day, and since a great many of these tourists are passengers from cruise ships who are only in town for a couple of hours, most vendors readily accept American currency. However, if you are planning an extended trip to this Mexican Metropolis, then you might want to hear about one of the better Cozumel travel tips. You will likely get a much better deal from the locals if you are conducting your transactions in pesos rather than the US dollar.

There is a wonderful world of dining, nightclubs, dancing, and shopping to be found in the downtown area. Live music can be heard coming from many of the local pubs, and visitors can even charter glass bottom boat rides complete with their own private bartender. If you can imagine it, it can be found in Cozumel!

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