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Enjoy a Tequila Tour in Jalisco, Mexico

Are you a true lover of all things tequila? Have you ever wanted to learn the truly authentic way to make your own? Then perhaps a trip to the beautiful region of Jalisco, Mexico is in order!

Jalisco is home to many of the world’s leading tequila distilleries, many of which offer daily tours to the public. Learn the fermentation and harvesting processes and even how to distill and bottle your own final product. Private, customized tours are also available from some of the more select distilleries, but many of the local tours are completely free of charge.   Tequila is more than just a favorite alcoholic beverage here in Jalisco. It is a way of life, a national pastime, and a historical and cultural commodity.

Hacienda San José del Refugio

One of the more popular tequila distilleries is located just 17 miles from Guadalajara in the beautiful city of Amititan. The Hacienda San José del Refugio offers several daily tours that last approximately 90 minutes in length. Tours begin at 9 am in the morning and last until about 5 pm in the afternoon. Weekend tours are also available by special appointment.

Sauza® Tequila Distillery Tour

Regardless of your country of national origin, most of us have already heard of the classic brand of tequila named Sauza®. Now you can actually get an in-depth, first-hand look at how this world famous alcoholic concoction is manufactured from beginning to end. Tour the distillery with a free tequila sample in-hand where the tour guides will take you through the entire tequila-making process from the harvesting of the agave plant to its milling, fermentation, distillation, aging, bottling and distribution. The tour will end at La Quinta Sauza, a quaint little saloon where visitors can enjoy some of the most inventive tequila drinks ever imagined by a team of Jalisco bartenders and mixologists.

The National Museum of Tequila

The Mexican culture is so proud of its accomplishments in the field of tequila manufacturing that they have even constructed their very own tequila museum. Located in Luis Navarro, this national attraction has several rooms filled with ancient artifacts, tools, and machinery used over the centuries to produce this national beverage. According to Mexican legend, tequila was actually discovered by accident when lightning struck a farmer’s agave plant. The tour guides offer loads of these interesting and wonderful tales regarding the history of tequila manufacturing in Mexico over the years.


Jalisco has so many tequila distilleries available for tour that it can often be confusing when selecting the best ones to visit. But professional travel experts like TravelCareMexico can help first-time visitors select the perfect tours based on individual tastes, budgets, and preferences. They can also help to answer questions regarding travel and hotel accommodations as well as roadside, medical, or legal assistance that is readily available in the region. Jalisco is a very vibrant community that is a great deal of fun to visit. If you love tequila, your trip to Mexico will not be complete without a short journey to Jalisco.

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