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Guadalajara, Mexico Travel Tips

While many tourists travel to Mexico in search of sun and surf, others might want to see the more historical and cultural side of this foreign land by taking a trip to the majestic city of Guadalajara. This is the second largest metropolitan area in the entire country, whose start attraction is a massively impressive historical district filled with some of the most ornate and baroque architecture known to mankind. Guadalajara is also the city that gave Mexico some if its favorite customs and pastimes, like sombrero making, tequila manufacturing, and mariachi music, just to name a few. When you travel to Guadalajara, you are really getting the authentic Mexican experience.

Bring your passport

One of the most important Guadalajara travel tips and precautions that we can offer to first time tourists is to always remember to bring your passport. Many travelers are under the mistaking impression that only a valid driver’s license or government ID is needed to enter into Guadalajara. This may be true for those cities very close to the American border, but it does not apply for entry into Guadalajara. Be sure to bring your passport.

Places to see

Many visitors to Guadalajara simply enjoy wandering around the many city streets and neighborhoods, gazing upon the historical buildings and structures with awe and wonder. When touring the city’s collection of colonial era buildings, one of our most popular Guadalajara travel tips is to visit the 17th century Plaza of the Crosses and the Palacio de Gobierno. Be careful though. While Guadalajara is considered a very safe city for tourists, visitors can often find themselves victims of pick pockets and purse snatchers, just like in any other large city of the world. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep the necessary local contact information on hand and easily accessible for legal or medical assistance at all times.

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