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Oaxaca, Mexico Travel Tips

Oaxaca is one of those ancient cities in Mexico, boasting some of the most beautiful architecture in the entire world.  Tourists will of course see majestic cathedrals and impressive palaces, but even the typical villas of the average citizen look very much like something out of a picture postcard.  It is not uncommon for your local hotel to have a perfectly manicured courtyard, complete with centuries-old fountains and ornate wrought iron gates attached to thick adobe walls.  Your individual hotel room might even open directly into this tranquil and serene outdoor space.

Beware of the Mescal

One of the more important Oaxaca travel tips that we can offer is to beware of the local beverage of mescal, or tequila for those of us less knowledgeable tourists.  Drinking tequila is a national pastime, especially in Oaxaca, but Americans and other vacationers may be surprised at how powerful the Mexican version can truly be on the senses.  If you are not careful, you might become overly inebriated and find yourself in need of some legal assistance.  Another form of tequila is known as Agave, and it is not uncommon to find free local taste testings throughout the city.  Pace yourself and have fun.

Try the grasshopper poppers

Throughout the city streets of Oaxaca, you will come across several local vendors pushing what looks like a standard ice cream cart.  Instead of ice cream cones and chocolate sundaes, the merchants are actually peddling a local cuisine called Chapulines, or fried grasshopper poppers.  These concoctions are made from corn tortillas topped with spiced beef, beans, cheese, and chili powder.  Another popular favorite are the elotes, made of roasted corncobs dipped in chili powder and lime juice.  Both elotes and grasshopper poppers are considered regional delicacies, which is why we consider trying these tasty treats as one of our most interesting and mouth-watering Oaxaca travel tips of all.

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