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Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips

So, you have finally decided to take that long anticipated vacation to Puerto Vallarta! You are in very good company. Puerto Vallarta is always in the Top Three Cities visited in all of Mexico.

From its unique and majestic bayside location to the neighboring mountain ranges, tropical forests, and volcanic coastlines, there is something for everyone to see in this warm and inviting city. Let’s give you some of the secret tips and tricks for traveling around and inside the metropolitan area.


Of all the Puerto Vallarta travel tips, those regarding the payment of taxi services should be the first discussed. After all, this will likely be your very first monetary exchange after landing at the airport. Be aware that the rates for taxi services from the airport are “fixed”, based on the desired location. This means that a standard cab fare to Punta Mital, for example, is usually around 800 pesos while a trip to Marina Vallarta might cost around 80 pesos. This rate is “fixed” per cab ride, not per person. Although, the rates can vary slightly from taxi company to taxi company.

Driving in Puerto Vallarta

Driving yourself around the area is a great way to take in the many sites and sensations of this beautiful Mexican resort town, but be prepared in advance by having the contact information of roadside assistance just in case you get into trouble. The locals are very familiar with tourists and are always ready to help should you get lost, have a flat tire, or need emergency medical assistance of any kind. Stop signs are labeled as “ALTO”, which may take some getting used to, and there aren’t usually cross lines painted in the intersections telling you where to stop. Always follow the speed limits and look out for speed bumps. They may or may not be painted in a bright color as a means of warning you in advance.


One of the most important Puerto Vallarta travel tips that we like to stress to newcomers is the standard tipping policies of your waiters, waitresses, bellmen, hotel maids, porters, and tour guides. In most cases, this works very much as it would in any other country. A standard 10% to 15% is always recommended. However, Mexican citizens are not in the habit of tipping their taxi drivers as we are in the USA and other countries. Tipping your taxi driver is not required, although some cabbies have grown to expect it, especially from Americans.

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