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Welcome to TravelCare Mexico


We provide instant emergency assistance for tourists and anyone visiting Mexico.

That means:
• No Forms
• No Delays
• No Claims
• No Questions
• Just real assistance WHENEVER you need it

TravelCare Mexico (TCM) offers real-time support, giving you instant access to an ambulance in case of an emergency, roadside assistance, legal consultation, and medical assistance when you need it most. When you call TravelCare Mexico, one of our LIVE, BILINGUAL representatives will assist you.

We are not travel insurance, and we do not cost anywhere near as much as travel insurance. We offer something that is uniquely beneficial to people vacationing in Mexico. We deliver peace of mind and help our customers stay safe while traveling abroad.

Simply pay $1 per day of your vacation and get instant access to world-class support that speaks
your language. In this post, we will tell you why anyone who is thinking of planning a trip to
Mexico needs TravelCare Mexico as a companion.

Who We Are

TravelCare Mexico is part of TeleTravel Inc. We are an emergency assistance provider operating
solely to help people traveling within Mexico. It is important to stress that we are very different
from travel insurance within Mexico.

We offer our customers and their travel companions rapid
assistance with roadside, legal, or medical matters that may arise during a vacation to Mexico.
Our partner in Mexico, Telasist, is one of the leading telemedicine and assistance companies in
Mexico that has been providing emergency assistance in Mexico for more than 20 years, to over
seven million residents.

What We Do

Our ethos is simple. Sh#t happens, and never at a ‘convenient’ time or location.

For many traveling to Mexico, it is a trip of a lifetime. However, with certain things that would
be very easy to do at home; such as getting roadside assistance, talking to or seeing a doctor, or
even getting legal advice is all compounded when you are on vacation in a foreign country.

There are language barriers to overcome, there is uncertainty, and there is fear of being out of
your comfort zone.

In most cases, you just need a little help. At TravelCare Mexico (TCM), we provide that help. We
become your invisible travel companion and remain at your disposal for your entire vacation in
Mexico. What’s more, we provide emergency assistance quickly, effectively, no questions asked,
and no hoops to jump through.

We do all this for just $1 per day when you are taking your vacation in Mexico.

Visit us at to learn more.

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