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Q I already have travel insurance so do I still need TravelCare® Mexico?
A YES - TravelCare® Mexico is not insurance - it is "in trip" assistance providing help with most Medical, Legal, and Roadside Assistance situations that may occur while you are in Mexico. Travel Insurance compensates the policy holder after you have a covered incident and file a claim. TravelCare® Mexico provides bilingual help in real time when you actually need it.

Q Where do I go to compare services such as yours?
A There is no other company that provides the services provided by TravelCare® Mexico. TravelCare® Mexico is available to travelers to Mexico from anywhere In The World. Our associate in Mexico (Telemedic) is the leading provider of telephonic Medical, Legal, and Roadside Assistance in Mexico.

Q What if I need medical attention in the middle of the night?
A Simply call the Toll Free the number on your activated TravelCare® receipt any time day or night. Services are provided 24/7 while you are in Mexico.

Q If I travel with a friend that is not my spouse will my children traveling with me still be included for free?
A Yes. As long as children are traveling with two adults that purchased a TravelCare Mexico certificate they will be included without a certificate charge.

Q Are there any claim forms to fill out before receiving included services?
A No. No claims are necessary as all services are provided in real time while you are in Mexico.

Q Are the certificates good in other countries?
A Not at this time.

Q How long has Telemedic been providing services in Mexico?
A All services for TravelCare® Mexico are provided by Telemedic. Telemedic has been providing these same services to millions of individuals living in Mexico for over 17 years.

Q What information do I need in Mexico in order to access your Telemedic CareCenter?
A You will be given a toll free number to call. You will need to provide your activated TravelCare® certificate number that is printed on your receipt.

Q What if I only speak English and not Spanish?
A Operators in Mexico are bilingual and speak fluent English and Spanish.

Q Is there an old age restriction or any pre-existing condition limitations?
A No. You are available to receive services regardless of your age or medical history.

Q Is there a time limit on how long I can stay in Mexico and still receive your services?
A No. Stay as long as you like and enjoy the beauty and culture of Mexico. Services are included from the day you enter Mexico until the day you leave, as long as those dates are completed on your application.

Q Will there always be a licensed Medical Doctor to speak with immediately no matter what day or time I call?
A Yes. Licensed Medical Doctors are always available to speak to in real time no matter what day or time you call.

Q Is there an enrollment or processing fee when purchasing the TravelCare Mexico Certificate?
A Yes - there is a onetime processing fee of $15 with promo code per total order, no matter how many people are traveling on the TravelCare Mexico certificate there is only one processing fee.