Travel CareFree to Mexico!

TravelCare Mexico Promo Code

TravelCare Mexico is dedicated to improving the Mexico travel experience for everyone, and this includes offering the best services at the lowest cost. With the holiday’s coming up, everyone wants to save money and so we are offering a discount on our travel care package starting from the first of October.

For a limited time only, you can get a $10 discount on the processing fee using the discount code: MEXICARE

Our services our priced at just $1 a day, but maintaining our 24/7 bilingual support service means we have a standard initial processing fee of $25. By taking advantage of the promo code, you will be almost halving the cost while getting the same fantastic benefits. The promo code can be applied to every purchase, meaning that each person covered will be discounted by $10. We also offer discounts on a huge range of products and services for all our customers that can be redeemed in Mexico through our travel discount coupons program.

Our first-responder services covering Medical, Legal and Roadside Assistance requirements are unique in their scope and depth, covering the areas that standard insurance generally does not cover. We have a team of bilingual team of experts on call 24/7 to act as your personal advocate in any situation you may encounter while traveling in Mexico. This means you receive an unparalleled level of support when needed, ensuring a positive outcome to your problem.

There has never been more reasons to travel to Mexico both on vacation and for business. With TravelCare Mexico as your personal travel companion, you are more liberated than ever before to fully take advantage of what Mexico has to offer, without the worry of what to do in an emergency situation. We created our services based on the belief that traveling in Mexico should be easy and secure for all, without excessive cost. Put simply, you travel, we care.